SchoolRallye enables students to gain their own insights through puzzle fun & to learn naturally. By puzzling together, learning becomes a secondary matter that happens all by itself.



Freelance project


Design, Development


Tobias Bode


A SchoolRally is an interactive scavenger hunt that leads students through a series of stations using their smartphone while they solve puzzling riddles and exciting missions.
The biggest challenge of SchoolRally is to bridge and maintain a connection between the young and digital generation, which can be both students and teachers, and the older generation, which includes teachers and parents.


Tobias approached me to create a website for his company and to tailor the design to his existing brand. He had already thought about how the site should be structured and gave me inspiration for some sections and elements.
My biggest challenge was to implement the page in Webflow, as I had no prior experience with it.


SchoolRallye's mission is to engage both students, teachers and parents. To do so I developed a picture slider, functioning like a Tinder slider. The advantage of this is that all three target groups - parents, students and teachers - can be reached with the respective appropriate arguments.

»What surprised me most was Benjamin's understanding of design and development. He has implemented this extremely well, both in terms of content and from a design perspective.«

Tobias Bode

SchoolRallye Founder


For teachers interested in SchoolRallye, we have set up a simple and convenient multi-step form to easily download a cost estimate as a PDF and reserve a date. We are lowering the barrier to make initial contact, as it is no longer necessary to call. Automation saves not only time and money, but also increases the completion rate, as has been proven in practice.


It has been and is a pleasure to work with Tobias. Thanks to his openness and support, I was able to improve my processes and gain experience in working with Webflow.